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Package Project

Receive handcrafted, artisan-quality products direct from Israel, while supporting Jewish settlers in Judea and Samaria.

The Lev HaOlam Package Project connects you to Israel’s Heartland in a tangible way.
We purchase directly from local farmers and artisans, bypassing international boycotts that threaten their livelihood. Partner with us as we restore our ancestral homeland according to Biblical prophecy.

Contact us:

Nati Rom
Omer Korman Tel: +972 (52) 566-5660

Lev HaOlam

Taste the Heart of the World

How it works:

Sign up with a one year subscription through Paypal and get a box full of products delivered directly to you every month.

What you get:

Each package will be a unique combination of gifts that represent the best of the produce of the Land. You can anticipate new and exciting surprises each month.

Honey > Olive Oil > Fine Wines > Chocolate Organic Herbal Teas > Snacks
> Holiday Items > Handmade Jewelry >
> All-Natural Skin Care Products & Perfumes > And many other gift-quality goods being produced in the Land of Milk and Honey

You get the satisfaction of knowing that your investment is directly helping sustain pioneering Jewish families and communities in Judea and Samaria.


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Our story:

We, the settlers, have followed our hearts to Israel’s heartland—Judea and Samaria—to invest our lives
in the redemption of the very Land promised to our forefathers in the Bible. We are young families, living simply and cultivating the holy soil amidst the gentle beauty of rolling hills, abundant flora, and ancient ruins. We live in places with familiar names—Shiloh, Beth El, Mt. Gerizim, and others.

We witness daily miracles—evidence of the truth of the coming redemption—as new life springs forth according to prophecy, on these once-barren hills. As we plant and build, we face opposition in the form of

economic boycotts from those who don’t understand the significance and holiness of this struggle. Because
of this, we needed to find a better way to distribute the unique products coming from this area so the families here can earn their livelihood and continue to grow, and thus the Package Project was born. By subscribing, you can help us steward this holy land while enjoying the best of the produce of Judea and Samaria.

With friendship and appreciation, and in anticipation of the redemption,

Ram Binyamin and Nati Rom