We continue to plant olive trees, this time in Chavat Na’amah

Chavat Na’amah is the project of a group of volunteers who are building a rehabilitation center for wounded or disabled soldiers to give them the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves together.

The center will consist of a large number of residential units for the clients and also for practitioners. In addition, the center has an vineyard, cattle sheds, vegetable gardens, a tropical greenhouse, workshops, a swimming pool, etc. All are aimed at rehabilitation of the clients.

“Am Israël Chai International”, the initiative of the Dutch Kehila Beit Emoenah in Stegeren and the Dutch Farm in Sde Tzwi in Israel, continues the “Jerusalem Ring” campaign by supplying this center with 100 olive trees. The aerial photo shows that the construction preparations have been completed and the layout of the construction site has already begun. The construction of the shelters and the construction of the utilities and irrigation pipes has also begun.

Here is an overview of the layout of the entire complex:

Planting in Chavat Na’amah will take place on November 11, 2022

The planting will also be the opening of the center. If you are in Israel at this time, you are welcome to participate. It will also be possible to follow it via zoom. The link to log in for this will be sent to you on request via this contact page.

Of course, this is also a step in a whole series of plantings “around Jerusalem”.
To encourage Israel, we continue to do so.

Therefore, on behalf of the “Am Israel Chai International Movement”, we make another appeal:
Support Israel and show by your gift to this project that all of Israel will live!

HaShem says, “Whoever blesses you, I will bless him”; However, we would like to call on you to honor the God of Israel by blessing Israel and thus participating.


  • To support, transfer €30* (or a multiple of that for the number of trees you want to plant) to the account number: NL 74 RABO 0115973184 of Beit Emoenah with the message “Am Israel Chai” and use it to plant one or more olive trees in Eretz Israel.
  • Promote this action in the broadest possible way with family, friends, acquaintances and believers in HaShem.

Join us and show that we believe what HaShem says: “Am Israel Chai”